About Us

    PROMNI was founded with the strong desire to offer the market the best synthesis of technology, reliability, environmental friendliness, cost containment, performance, design, simplicity, longevity, support and anything else that could be appreciated both by an audience of professionals or companies of all kinds and from ordinary people as private individuals.

    The experience of the founders, who for over twenty years has been heavily focused on research and development, as well as in the production and post-sales support over the last decade, is a clear distinctive feature that distinguishes it very clearly in the market. The seriousness and strong competence are concrete and tangible thanks to the mastery and total control that PROMNI is able to exercise over the entire life cycle of each product.


    All products proposed by PROMNI are 100% Italians.

    Every single phase, from the idea, research, design, production, after-sales service, are completely the result of the ingenuity and hard work of a whole Italian team, a guarantee of quality, design, innovation, high performance, customer service.