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    Isolated USB-CCTALK Adapter
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    The USB-CCTALK Adapter converts the USB port of any PC, or other device with a USB Host port, into the standard CCTALK protocol.
    It is based on the popular FT232RL chip and embeds special features, especially very good Electrical Isolation.

    • Powered directly from USB bus: No need for external power supply
    • True Electrical Isolation: Isolated SMPS Transformer for CCTALK side electronics, Optically Isolated UART signals
    • Drivers available for common Operating  Systems: Windows (all versions), Windows CE, Linux, Mac, Android
    • Integrated STM8 Micro-Controller: User definable functionalities can be added
    • Programmable Baud rate up to 115200 bps: Can be used as UART sniffer
    • Available WITH or WITHOUT Enclosure

    Download Driver

    Download Datasheet

    Code 300014.X
    Power Supply 5V from  USB port
    Power Consumption 1 Watt
    Input 'B' type USB connector
    Output CCTALK connettors: 4 poles and 10 poles

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