G4 LED Lamp 12V 2W disc Warm and Cold - LUXINO G4 2W DISCO - 5000K

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    G4 LED LAMP (4 mm pitch) 12V AC/DC 2W disc for spotlight, very high efficiency, powerfull light with reduced consumption, available warm and cold in various colour temperatures
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    • Direct alternative to 20 Watt halogen lamp, similar luminous flux but power consumption 10 times lower
    • Up to 320 lumens with just 2 Watt, thanks to last generation LEDs driven at high frequency
    • Very long life, typically 50,000 hours, no maintenance costs, no out of service
    • Works both with Direct Current and Alternate Current, no change to existing wirings
    • Typical energy saving of about 10,00 € / year (conditions 8 hours/day, 365 days, 1 kWh = 0,2 €)
    • Very low heat emissions
    • No IR and UV emissions in the light beam
    Code 300027.X
    Connection Type G4
    Power Supply 12 Volts AC / DC
    Power 2,2 Watts
    Luminous Flux Up to 320 Lumens
    Typical Life (L70) 50.000 hours
    Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 80
    Dimensions Body: 30 mm diameter disc
    Terminals: 9 mm

    Code Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT)
    300027.0 2700K
    300027.1 3000K
    300027.2 3500K
    300027.3 4000K
    300027.4 4500K
    300027.5 5000K
    300027.6 5700K
    300027.7 6500K

    General lamp performances are guaranteed only with a correct installation and maintenance.
    Installation has to be in a well aired environment.
    Some old transformers or AC-DC converters could be not suitable.
    Dimming could be possible in some circumstances, it depends by the dimmer type, but it is not guaranteed.
    For any other info or suggestion please contact us through support@promni.it

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